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knee replacement surgery

Can You Handle the Truth?

Do You Really Want to See What They Will Actually Do to Your Knee in a Knee Replacement Surgery?

Many people think that it would be “neat” or “interesting” to see the surgery before they go in to have the procedure done. In the vast number of cases however most people regret it. Too much knowledge can be a bad thing. Envisioning one’s knee open with instrumentation sticking out can be mentally challenging and add to the amount of worry and nervousness come surgery morning.

Some things are better left unseen and only imagined or not imagined at all. Focusing on the end result of the surgery;  a pain-free life is a more effective mental technique.

If you follow the link you can read about the story and stick your big toe in the water by looking at the photo gallery. That may be all you need you decide if you want to watch or not.

Knee replacement surgery comes to your living room: Ted Diadiun – Plain Dealer

http://news.google.com Sun, 01 Dec 2013 08:47:10 GMT

Knee replacement surgery comes to your living room: Ted DiadiunPlain DealerActually, as you probably know, we were all safely in front of our computers or other Internet devices, watching Favaloro’s total knee replacement, a procedure that still seem …

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My suggestion is … if you are on the fence about watching the knee replacement surgery, just don’t bother. You will most likely be better off.

Having said that …if you really, really really can’t help yourself, kind of like slowing down and watching a car wreck…Here is the video.